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REMS - Retail Event Management System is a solution specially developed for retailers and shopping centre management with one goal – boost up the overall performance! We create IoT ecosystem of various devices of technical security, physical access, sensorics to give clients exactly what they need to optimize their business. Having right information, in a right form, at the right time is crucial. 


People counting & analytics

Collecting crucial performance data from stores nowadays represents the difference between winning on the market or letting the competition take your clients

Loss prevention

With integration of CCTV, EAS, Access Control and other technical system we deliver greater efficiency of technical security devices.

Device management

It does not help, if it does not work. Control operation of sensorics, technical security and other IP based system and react pro-actively


REMS solution is modular, you pay exactly what you need - per location and per device connected. Available both in on-premise and Cloys version, each module delivers special functionalities and automatic reporting bound to it. System modules for user management, device management and reporting are part of REMS framework and come with any module bought.

Real time occupancy RTO module

Real-time occupancy measurement of people traffic helps at challenge of COVID limitations of customers per square meter. Module is measuring each entry and exit, can show variable messages on the screen and control the external devices through I/O. Optional digital signage enables to better use of welcome screen.

Device management module

All end devices connected to REMS are constantly monitored for faults, errors and connectivity. Their status is shown in dashboard and notifications are automatically sent at critical changes

Basic People counting module

Basic views on traffic data in day (by hours), week (by day), month (by day), year (by month) view with basic reporting and data export possibilities

Advanced People couting module

All basic views on traffic data expanded with powerful pivot table tool combining all the variables and allowing multiple aggregation and comparison analytics. Automatic weather correlation and events/marketing metadata enable advanced automatic reports

Conversion module

Ultimate module for store optimisation for retailers joins POS and counting data enabling automatic reporting and in-depth pivot analytics of conversion measure. How many visitors have you turned to customers today?

Face classification module

Recognize age, gender and emotion of your visitors and customers to gain additional insights into your store or shopping centre

Shopping centre module

Specially designed reports, pre-prepared pivot views, marketing actions and events input and weather correlation makes this a central tool for shopping centre management

Segment density module

Graphical display of count and density data, based on zone counting with live data possibility and historical data view enables in-depth and visual view on how your stores and shopping centres "live"

Traffic counting and geo segmentation module

Module supports import of car counting data, connectivity to inductive car counters directly, PGS system and geo segmentation based on ANPR data. Data can be viewed in basic or pivot view.

Alarm management module

Logging, video correlation and classification/acknowledgement of all critical events like EAS alarms, POS alarms, wrong-way passage and other events from multiple sources.

Reporting module

First level of information always come from automatic reports made and designed from long-term experience with multitude of end users. End user schedules and distributes reports in the reporting module to those that need specific information for better business decisions.

Special needs? Idea?

Do you have a challenge or a special idea? We are willing to listen to you and develop a solution that will help you achieving your goals. Send us an inquiry through contact form.

Reference list

Each client is a unique story, with its own specific requirements and wishes. The answer is a custom REMS software environment (different modules, different technologies, different information, different reports), which provides important information and consequently the competitive advantage of the client. We like to customize. 

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Let's create the best solutions together!

Integrated equipment

The combination of different technologies from global renowned brands, depending on the actual situation is crucial for the exact data that are basis for quality reports and analytics.


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