iEMS - Train UVSS systems is a specialized solution for capturing linear images of the train under carriage and on-the-fly inspection on the workstation. Complete train is captured as a set of images, which user sees as one linear image of the train, without need to load/select individual images. Trains with speed up to 70 km/h can be captured in any lighting conditions. The camera is mounted between tracks with a motorized protective cover which closes automatically when system is not in use.

Functionalites of iEMS solutions


IEMS software helps with event management, GDPR centralization, alarm and access control management and alarm classification. Access Control (ANPR, RFID) Under vehicle scanning Event video corellation Visitor management


Enables constant monitoring of current space occupancy, ADR recognition, vehicle measurements, thermal and linear vehicle scanning. ADR recognition Thermal scanning Vehicle measurement Axle counting


Effective material flow management with access control, truck weighing, night deliveries, pre-announcements and traffic automation. Pre-scheduling. Ramp and door control. Weighing (scale or WIM). Variable message signs.SMS/Pager process control. Process automatization.

Business intelligence

Deeper knowledge of facility events with visitor counting, conversion analytics, customer classification, satisfaction measurement, motion analytics and geosegmentation.


UVSS train system - video surveillance system for inspections of undercarriage trains. With a goal improvement in inspection efficiency and safety & elimination of manual visual checks by guards.


iEMS UVSS solution is modular, you pay exactly what you need - per location and per device. Available both in on-premise and cloud version, each module delivers special functionalities and automatic reporting bound to it. System modules for user management, device management and reporting are part of iEMS framework and come with any module bought.

IEMS UVSS Train system

BENEFITS: 1. Foreign object inspection on train undercarriage. 2. Threat detection (illegal object or person). 3. Image archive & search. 4. Extreme improvement in inspection efficiency and safety. 5. 24/7, all-weather operation.

IEMS UVSS Train systems

KEY FEATURES: 1.Line scan image capture of larger train undercarriage compositions (< 1000m) with speed up to 70 km/h in all lighting conditions. 2.Client application for efficient overview of large linear images with zooming capabilities and quick navigation. 3. Carriage detection with rapid navigation between train sections. 4. Automatic motorized protective cover.

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